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The Highly Sensitive Person Test

If you’re looking for the highly sensitive person test, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s an introduction to high sensitivity which provides some of the most important and basic points about being a highly sensitive person:

If this information is interesting to you, then you can take the free High Sensitivity Course here which offers multiple, in depth video lessons and quizzes about high sensitivity. Here’s a snapshot of the course syllabus:

The Highly Sensitive Person Test and Course Syllabus

Take the free course now:

Take the The Highly Sensitive Person Test and Course Here

About the Highly Sensitive Person Test

All of the highly sensitive person tests that you’ll find online are derivatives of Dr. Elaine Aaron’s work. Because of this, it really makes sense to take her actual, scientific test, rather than versions that other people have simply made up or copied from her.

Dr. Elaine Aaron’s Highly Sensitive Person Tests

The term “highly sensitive person” was coined by Dr. Elaine Aaron about ten years ago and she has come out with two tests:

Am I Highly Sensitive? Test

Is my Child Highly Sensitive? Test

Both of those tests can be found at

Professor Michael Pluess’s Highly Sensitive Person Test

For researchers on high sensitivity, there is a website called which is geared towards the research community. They do offer tests on that site which are direct derivatives of Dr. Aaron’s work.

Here is a link to those highly sensitive person tests if you’d like to check them out.

Which Test Is the Best?

As stated above, Dr. Aaron’s coined the term highly sensitive person and came out with the original test. I recommend taking her tests which are also included in her book “The Highly Sensitive Person” which is featured in the resource library here on GiftedConnect. The library contains recommended reading for highly sensitive people, gifted individuals, and parents of both.

After The Test

Taking a test will give you a quick sense of whether or not you might be a highly sensitive person. If you think you might be, then you are at the start of an exciting journey of learning what that really means and how your life can change based on this new knowledge. The free introductory course mentioned above is made just for you and this website provides a plethora of resources for highly sensitive people and gifted individuals, including the ability to meet other highly sensitive and/or gifted people that live nearby!


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