HSP Dating App

An HSP dating app for highly sensitive people is finally here! Are you interested in dating a highly sensitive woman or a highly sensitive man? When you create an account here on this website, you have a bunch of options for dating highly sensitive people.

HSP Dating App

What to Expect on an HSP Dating App

HSPConnection is more than just a dating app.

Understanding high sensitivity is a surprisingly profound journey. Did you know that high sensitivity is an evolutionary trait found throughout the animal kingdom?

In addition to meeting other highly sensitive people, you can explore learning materials about highly sensitive physiology, psychology, self care, and other areas of interest.

You can form friendships with other highly sensitive people, or date highly sensitive men or highly sensitive women. If you are a parent, you can also meet other parents of highly sensitive and gifted children. Couple with one HSP (or two) can meet other HSP couples.

To start HSP dating, create an account and under the “Open to” section, select “dating men” or “dating women”, whichever is your preference. Then, when you are in the app, you can filter by the same settings as well as by city.

Dating as a Highly Sensitive Person

Coming to know oneself as a highly sensitive person is a big deal. Many of us have gone through significant portions of our lives without knowing we are highly sensitive. This is due in large part to the fact that the term “highly sensitive” didn’t even exist until about ten years ago.

If you’re looking for an HSP dating app, then chances are you already know you’re highly sensitive. And maybe you’re wondering what it would be like to date someone who is also highly sensitive…

Dating Highly Sensitive Women

Dating a highly sensitive woman will not be like dating other women. Highly sensitive women are deeply thoughtful, often creative individuals who feel their emotions deeply. A woman with highly sensitive physiology may have more empathy than other women you’ve dated. She will notice more about you than other women. Making up between 20% and 30% of the population, highly sensitive people’s brains are wired differently. They have more activity in a part of the brain called the insular cortex. Because of this brain wiring, they are attuned to physical sensations (such as textures and sounds) as well as the emotions of others.

Dating Highly Sensitive Men

Highly sensitive men also feel their emotions deeply. They are aware of, and feel, the emotions of the people around them. Like all highly sensitive people, highly sensitive men are prone to overstimulation and will need to their alone time in order to recharge their batteries and give their nervous system a rest. Men with highly sensitive physiology tend to have a heightened awareness of their partner and will notice subtle details and emotional cues.

Learning More About High Sensitivity

In addition to being an HSP dating app, HSPconnection is a place to learn and share about the journey of high sensitively, make friends, join groups by areas of interest, and much more!