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My name is Debbie, I was born in South Africa and have been in Scotland for 26 years. Im a hobby artist and love travelling, photography, painting, art pieces, and upcycling. I love depicting my imagination within my artwork and working with others to create one-of-a-kind artwork.
Im a Self-Taught Artist. I have just been creative since a very young age.
I haven’t had formal training, but I do participate in informal art classes. I believe that being an artist is something that one is born to do.
I work as an art therapist, volunteering in the community, kids with disabilities and autism, and local community groups. I have spent years, or even my entire lifetime, making art for personal pleasure or for healing therapy for myself and others. I have been blessed in so many areas of my life and find it very rewarding.
I, however, have won a photography local amateur award and do some commission work for some of my art and furniture pieces. I make art that I enjoy and would refer to it as painting outside the box. I am very private, as and HSP Empath, I am very sensitive to the interactions I have with people. Reason why I have chosen not to be a professional photographer or artist.

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” – Robert Henri

Debbie, Photographer & Artist

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“How my trait of high sensitivity informs my artwork is something I’ve never thought about before. But I have always had an extreme reaction to things I see that I perceive as beautiful. Whether it’s a beautiful painting by one of my favorite artists, an amazing sunset in Phoenix during the winter, or the way the plants, sky, ocean and lava interact in Hawai’i, I get feelings of excitement, love, curiosity and amazement. In all honesty, my favorite part of going to Hawai’i is, what I call, the “eye candy.”

Vibrant, high contrasting colors give me a zing! Soft colors that blend and unblend calm me. Unusual and unexpected shapes, like a lot of the interesting plants in Arizona, surprise me and make me curious. I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken at the edges of parking lots in Hawaii or just walking through a neighborhood in Central Phoenix, when I’m supposed to be exercising. I just have to capture this beauty that most people would never even notice. I know I spend too much time absorbing these scenes through my eyes. It’s almost like I’m listening to a favorite song. I need to experience it for as long as I am enjoying it. And sometimes, replay it over and over if my pause isn’t stopping someone else from moving on to the next thing.

Another thing I can’t explain, but it’s true for me, is that I feel like I process (deeply) things I see and they come out as images in my paintings in unexpected ways. I’ve always thought that if you wanted to see something look like it’s supposed to, you should take a picture. Though I am able to draw and paint realistic images, I really don’t see a point, for me. (Not to say that I don’t love beautiful photographs.) I just wouldn’t be part of the painting. And I do feel like I am part of my paintings. One in particular. Laupahoehoe Point, has lava that is orange and purple. I don’t know why. But it just felt like the thing to do. I didn’t think about it, I felt it. So there you have my very first thoughts about being a Highly Sensitive artist. I am sure there is a lot more to say. Maybe we’ll have a conversation about it sometime!”

Dedra, Painter

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The artist’s works are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.

I didn’t realize this piece I created was about discovering my high sensitivity until several years after I created it. Looking back, I had frozen in an attempt to survive an upbringing where my sensitivity was not valued or supported. I think this may be a relatively common experience for highly sensitive people.

HSP ArtistJohn, Musician & Visual Artist

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