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The Crux: Highly sensitive people are more prone to being negatively affected, both physically and psychologically, by various environmental factors. This article discusses multiple ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress.

Dark Mode

I read somewhere that studies have shown that looking at a mobile phone screen for more than 60 minutes creates inflammation of the retina. As an HSP, I feel some degree of pain looking at a bright computer screen or phone.

To mitigate this, I have adjusted all my devices to be in “dark mode.” Here’s how:

Dark Reader Extension

Dark Reader is a browser extension available for most major desktop and laptop browsers. It does an absolutely fantastic job of converting web pages to dark mode thereby reducing eye strain.

Firefox Browser for Phone

As of this writing, the only mobile phone browser that offers night mode is Firefox. I use this browser exclusively on my phone for that reason.

Reduce Blue Light Exposure

In addition to reducing the amount of light coming out the screens we stare at, it’s also helpful to Both Mac and PC platforms now have something called “night shift.” The feature is designed to be used ad night to reduce blue light exposure which interfered with circadian rhythms and sleep.

Instead of only using this feature at night, I leave it on all the time.

Mobile Phone Hygiene

Mobile phones use brings multiple issues into our live, not just eye strain.

Airplane Mode

As an HSP, I find texting to be an unnatural means of communication. The human body is not designed to be always available for any kind of communication from any direction all the time. Texting on phones represents a degradation of personal boundaries that has become the norm for many people, particularly younger people.

Reduce or Eliminate Social Media Exposure

We now know that social media companies like Facebook (which is also instagram) purposely tweak their user algorithms towards toxicity in order to increase engagement through reinforcing patterns of negativity.

Water Filter

If you are interested in filtering your water, I recommend a Berkey water filter with the optional fluoride and arsenic filter. I have found this water filter to be far superior to something like a Brita water filter.


Eat Organic

In our society, there appears to be fierce controversy over whether organic food has any value over non-organic.

One of the primary reasons to eat organic is to avoid glyphosate, the weed killer sprayed on non-organic crops. Glyphosate can create leaky gut syndrome which can then lead to auto-immune disorders.

Eliminating Sugar

Refined sugar is evil. I’m not sure there’s any other way to put it. Over time, eating refined sugar and carbs leads to insulin resistance, weight gain, giant mood swings, tiredness and exhaustion, brain fog, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. There’s no simpler way to feel better and be healthier than to cut out refined sugar.

Healthy Keto & Intermittent Fasting

Healthy Keto is it own subject. Briefly though, this way of eating lowers insulin and allows the body to enter a fat burning state call ketosis. This state can significantly reduce mood swings and brain fog, allowing for increased concentration and mood stability. A person can also rapidly, and relatively easily, lose weight if that is desired. Read more here….




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