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“Hi all, This [site] is fantastic. I have an 11 year old daughter that is HSP. She was the ‘spark’ that lead me to investigate this trait. My ex suspected her of having ASD which I thought unlikely as she had theory of mind, humour, non-literal use of language etc. My research led me to discover HSP which then explained so many of my struggles and why I always felt different. As a result I focused my dissertation in my master’s, on HSP’s in education. My daughter now knows about this trait and it has helped her and myself and her Mum as parents to give her the support and encouragement she needs.”

Isaac, HSP Parent

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Something that’s been on my mind since I started exploring the meaning of, and identifying as, HSP: The physiology has a biological component, yet there are life events that groom us along the way.


I agree with you Joan. It seems that we start out with a certain kind of wiring. What I’ve struggled to know and understand about myself is if I’m “too sensitive” or if I developed hyper-vigilance to survive my childhood. I’m pretty sure the physiology was already there, but the necessity to be on constant alert and watching out for threats might have intensified what was already there…


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People with highly sensitive physiology are designed by nature and evolution to feel life deeply. This not something we can change, nor do we need to.

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